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Food As Medicine Talk with Samantha Gowing

The inspirational and experienced nutritionist and chef Samantha Gowing from Food Health Wealth is coming to Melbourne to share her wisdom on good, healthy food.


Food As Medicine Talk

Please join us for (herbal) morning tea when Sam comes to Natural Wellness Albert Park to give a one hour talk on how food is medicine and discover how to eat to:

– Improve your gut health

– Boost your energy

– Strengthen your immune system

– Reduce inflammation


When: Friday 17 May

Time: 9am-10am

Cost:  $20 (includes gift bag)


Nutritional Consultations

Sam Gowing will also be available for one hour personalised nutritional consultations on Friday 17th of May.


Time: 10am-3pm

Cost: $150 (60mins)




PLEASE  CALL 9699 2593 OR EMAIL info@naturalwellnessap.com.au 


More information on Sam’s Master Cooking Classes and events can be found here